Stampin’ Up! Circle Monogram Stamp


I know I have mentioned before that Stampin’ Up! is now offering a new personalized stamp set called the Circle Monogram Stamp but I thought I would show you the three that I have designed and ordered.  I love these new stamps!  They are a lot of fun and they come out exactly as you designed them.  The first stamp is the one I will use on my catalogs and the back of my cards.  The second one is my favorite.  It is a Thank You stamp and says “You Are Truly Amazing” and “You Make My Heart Smile”.  I even added the little stars using the command key on my Mac.  The third stamp you have already seen and is a birthday stamp.

Susan Stamps Thank You Happy Birthday

They are very easy to order.  When you put the item number in a window automatically pops up where you type in what you want the stamp to say.  It is easy and fun!

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