My Digital Studio

My Digital Studio

Last week I held a My Digital Studio beginners class for some of my customers who had just purchased the program.  I had them bring their computers with the program on it so they could actually do what I was teaching them right then.  I find people learn much better when they are doing it themselves versus just watching me.  I hooked my computer up to my large screen tv so they could see what I was doing.  This is the card we made.

I also showed them what other things they could make with My Digital Studio such as calendars, cookbooks, key chains and photo books.  One of the things I used the program for was to organize my stamp room a little better.  I downloaded the digital download called Label This Craft Room Designer Template and made these labels for my ink refills.  Then I printed them on my printer and just cut them out to fit the boxes.  Each large box holds 10 ink refills and the small boxes hold 5.  They are a perfect way to organize those little bottles without having to search through 40 of them to look for a certain color.  I love this program!

My Digital Studio


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