Six Sided Sampler & Tape It

Six Sided Sampler, Tape It

Today is my mother’s 89 birthday!  She is amazing because she is still so spry and active.  Sometimes she exhausts me with all her activities!  I can only hope I am that way when I reach her age.  Happy Birthday, Dear!

I know this is not a birthday card, but it I decided to post it anyway.  It is a bright and Springy card so it is fitting for my mother.  I used a couple of stamps sets for this card.  The hexagons are made using the set called Six Sided Sampler.  It has a matching punch called Hexagon Punch.  You can buy both in a Bundle and save 15%.  Remember, even if this set is still in the catalog next year, you won’t be able to take advantage of the Bundle price so if you want it, you ought to buy it before it is too late.  The other set I used is called Tape It.  It looks like Washi Tape but you can stamp it with any color you want.


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