It’s Your Day!

Starburst Sayings, Fabulous Four

I am a gadget girl.  I love gadgets.  I love technology.  I have to have the newest, biggest, most powerful piece of technology out there.  I could take apart a computer to fix it and I could even put it back together again without any leftover pieces.  I have erased all the programs on my cell phone and put a new one on (that is called rooting your phone).  It is just my thing.  The reason I bring this up is because if it wasn’t for my phone and the calendar on my phone, I would forget everyone’s birthday.  I have them all set to send me a notice a week ahead of everyone’s birthday.  Well, guess what?!  I forgot to set myself a week’s notice for a friend’s birthday so when I got the notice, her birthday is tomorrow!  You know me.  I am not a last minute person.  I don’t perform well under pressure.  I tried to design a more complicated card for her but my mojo was missing because of the pressure.  Therefore, I decided simple was the way to  go.

I made this card using the stamp sets called Starburst Sayings and Fabulous Four.  I think it turned out ok for a last minute thing!

Today is the last day to take advantage of joining the Stampin’ Up! family for $50!  If you are interested you need to do it today!

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