Beautiful Wings

Beautiful Wings

I have to admit, I am not a big fan of real butterflies.  I don’t mind one of them flitting from bush to bush but I am not fan and big hoards of them.  I went to a Museum of Science that had a butterfly garden.  We were actually going to look at it as a place to have my son’s rehearsal dinner.  I had this vision of a beautiful outdoor garden, with flowers all over and little butterflies going from flower to flower.  I thought what a beautiful place that would be to have dinner.  They even offered to have a “butterfly release” during the dinner.  No.  It was not a beautiful outdoor garden.  It was inside a very hot and humid atrium and there were hundreds of butterflies flying all over the place, including in your hair and when you left you had to walk through a giant blower to get the butterflies off of you.  Needless to say, we did not have the dinner there.  It was horrifying!

Paper butterflies are okay though.  I used the Embosslit called Beautiful Wings to make all the butterflies.  The sentiment is from And Many More.  These butterflies won’t land in your hair!

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3 thoughts on “Beautiful Wings

  1. Love your story. Sometimes, something that seems like it would be so romantic, is not romantic at all. Let’s leave it to novels for the characters to eat dinner & release butterflies; it sounds nice but we don’t have to experience the messiness. 🙂

    This card is so pretty. I can imagine it would be pretty in many different colors!


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