Holiday Home Halloween

Holiday Home

I am not a fan of Halloween.  I know.  It is hard to believe.  When my kids were young, I always took Halloween off from work so I could go to their school and help them get into their costumes.  The school would have a big parade and all the mothers (except me) would bring in tons of candy to give to all the kids.  I would give them all Halloween pencils or something like that.  By the end of the day, they were so filled with sugar that at least one of them would end up crying (more like sobbing) over something so silly.  It happened every Halloween when they were in Elementary School.  I also live in Northern New York.  Nine out of ten Halloweens are rainy and cold.  My kids would be in their costumes and would not want to put on a coat.  I would take them trick or treating and be soaking wet and cold by the time we all got home.  Doesn’t that sound like a lot of fun???  This is why I am not a fan.

I don’t think I ever actually made a Halloween Card (other than using My Digital Studio).  This may be a first.  The only reason I made it was because the stamp set called Holiday Home is adorable.  I love those cute little bats and the ghost.  I had to make at least one card using it.  Now that it is done, I can go back to disliking Halloween.  Bah Humbug (or something like that)!Blog Signature-Fall


One thought on “Holiday Home Halloween

  1. It’s so funny, Susan, that I agree with everything you say about why you dislike Halloween, but I still like it! I made Halloween cards for the first time two years ago because I bought some really cute Halloween stamps, and now I try to make at least 5-7 to send to my favorite kids (nieces, nephews, former students). This one is very cute. It looks like something out of a children’s storybook. Keep making them; maybe Halloween will grow on you …


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