Grateful For All Things

For All Things

Thanksgiving is always a time to remember who and what you are grateful for.  I am grateful for Rob, my husband of 31 crazy years.  I am grateful for my three boys, who have grown up into wonderful, thoughtful and caring young men.  I could not be prouder of them!  I am grateful for my wonderful daughter-in-law, Tara.  She is kind and considerate and perfect for Sam!  I am grateful for Emma, my best non-human friend.  She is very sweet, lets me hug her, listens to me and keeps all my secrets.  I am grateful for my mother, who at 89 years young, has more energy and does more than I do!  I am grateful to Stampin’ Up! for teaching the most uncreative person in the world (me) how to be creative and introducing me to so many new friends online and in “real life”.

I probably could go on forever but you get the idea.  What are you grateful for?

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