No Contact

Flower Patch, Hello Thinlits

When you order from Stampin’ Up! you have the option of clicking a box that says “no contact”.  What this means is the Demonstrator you just ordered from gets an email saying an order was placed but it does not say who placed the order.  It gives us no information about the buyer at all.  There is no name, no email or no address.   I never know if the person who places an order this way realizes this.  I understand people who buy things online and don’t want to receive any spam but clicking this option does not give me the opportunity to even say thank you.  This makes me sad because I was always taught to thank a person who does something for me.  So if you want to stay totally unknown, than that is ok but if you just don’t want to receive any spam or advertisements, then don’t click on “no contact” so I can at least thank you.  I promise I would never send you anything you don’t want.  Anyway, thank you to my “no contact” customers.  I appreciate your business!

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