Zoo Babies Birthday Bash Baby Shower

Zoo Babies, Birthday Bash

As most of you know, I am in the grandmother to be mode lately.  My son and daughter in law are having a baby in May and I am so excited I can’t stand waiting!  Right now her nickname is Pancakes (they have a dog they named Waffles and when I found out she was pregnant I told my son he better not name the baby Pancakes so now it has stuck).

Yesterday we had a baby shower for them.  It started out as a regular woman only shower but as I was looking on PInterest for some baby shower ideas, I came across a ton of pins that talked about all these games you could play.  Games like melt different kinds of chocolate inside a diaper and make the guest eat it and guess what kind it was.  Um.  No.  It looked like you know what in the diaper and there was no way I was making my guests eat that (real or not!).  Plus, those diapers must have a lot of chemicals in them and that thought made it even worse.  The other popular game was guess how big her belly is.  Again, no.  It is bad enough she feels “fat” there is no way I was going to be measuring her to see who won!

So, as things were slowly going down hill, I decided maybe I should just throw them a baby party and invites husbands and boyfriends.  That is what we ended up doing.  Of course, I had to bribe the men to come with beer.   I did have everyone play one game and even the men participated.  The game was The Price Is Right.  I bought 8 baby items such as Desitin, Tylenol, Plug Covers, etc.  I made up price tags (I used the Scallop Tag Topper Punch which worked perfectly for this) and they had to guess how much each item costs.  Let me tell you.  They were awful at that game!  The most anyone got right was four.  It was ok though because I also decided whoever won the game was getting Pride and not Prize!

If you are still reading this post, I made the card above using Zoo Babies and Birthday Bash.  I saw a similar card on Pinterest and thought it was pretty cute.

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4 thoughts on “Zoo Babies Birthday Bash Baby Shower

  1. Hi Susan, thanks to Buffy I just finished reading your post. I love the card. The colours are perfect and those Zoo Babies are the sweetest! My daughter needs a baby card for a friend and I’m going to be making one similar to this. Thanks for the inspiration.

    That Pancakes name will likely stick for a while. What a cute origin. Love it! I think having both partners in for the baby shower (or celebration) is a terrific idea. And guessing those prices—perfect! Too many go into the baby thing totally unaware of those high-priced necessities. *hugs* Congratulations, Grandma-to-be.


    • Thanks Heidi! Yes, I think she will be called Pancakes for a while. We don’t know what her name will be yet, as they are keeping that a secret. Depending on what it is, she may be Pancakes forever! 🙂


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