My Digital Studio Update

Sadly, Stampin’ Up! announced that they are discontinuing My Digital Studio (MDS) on May 31st.  All support, downloads, printing services and web sites (including Facebook, and Pinterest) will be discontinued after this date.   Stampin’ Up (and I) strongly urge you to save a backup copy of your downloads.  To do this, sign into your account and click on digital downloads.  Download everything (without installing because you have already installed these items) and save it to a file on your computer, the cloud or on a disk.

Just to clarify, you will be still able to use your My Digital Studio software and all the downloads you have paid for.  Stampin’ Up! is just not going to make any more downloads or give any technical support.

Now is a good time to look through all the downloads that are available and purchase any that you might like before May 31st.  I know that is what I am going to do!  I am still going to use the software to make my blog headings and buttons, cards and other items.  There are other print services out there that you can use to get your projects printed.  If you are currently working on something, you might want to get it done and printed by Stampin’ Up! before May 31st.

If you  have any questions, please feel free to contact me and I will help you as much as I can.

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One thought on “My Digital Studio Update

  1. that’s too bad. I love MDS. Mine’s stuck on my laptop which is OUT OF ORDER and I can’t use it til I get a new laptop. Guess I will not be downloading anything more than is already on there now.


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