Something Borrowed

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Fourteen and a half years ago, we built the house we are living in.  I love our house.  When we bought it, someone had half finished it.  They had constructed all the outside walls but it was all 2 x 4’s on the inside.  Although it was stressful, as building always is, it was a lot of fun.  There is a downside to this though.  When you build a house, you buy all new appliances at the same time.  Well guess what?  All those new appliances start to break down at the same time!  In the past year we have had to replace the dryer and the washer.  Our dishwasher is on it’s last legs (we actually have to almost wash the dishes before using it).

Today, our new dryer, wasn’t working properly so we called the repairman.  Thankfully it is still covered under warranty.  He figured out what was wrong, and of course has to order parts.  As he was walking out the door, he jumped about a foot off the ground and said “did you hear that?”.  “What?” I replied.  “Your refrigerator made an awful noise.  That means the compressor is going to go out any day now.  I would be shopping for new refrigerators if I were you!”  Sigh.

Anyway, I made this card using the Designer Series Paper called Something Borrowed.  It is in the 2015 Occasions Catalog.  I love it because every design uses Sahara Sand.  Sahara Sand goes with EVERYTHING!  In this case, I used it with Blushing Bride.

Wish me luck with refrigerator shopping!

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