Something For Baby

Something For Baby, Lovely Amazing You

I am sure none of you are surprised about finally seeing a baby card.  After all, I have babies on the brain right now.  One of the best baby sets we have available is called Something For Baby.  The best part of this stamp set is it has matching Framelits called Baby’s First and both of them are going to be in the new catalog!

Of course, since I just had to post a baby card, I feel like I must also post a Madelyn picture.  Here she is at three weeks old.  By the way, someone asked me if she was going to get her picture taken every week.  As far as I am concerned, the answer better be yes!  If I can’t see her every day, then I want lots of pictures and unfortunately, if I get more pictures so do you!  Feel free to skip the pictures of Madelyn.  Just don’t tell me you do!  🙂


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4 thoughts on “Something For Baby

  1. I would NEVER skip the Madelyn pictures, Susan!! Of course, we are all now expecting to see her from infancy, to her first tooth, her pre-school graduation, right through to college! (I have no doubt she has great things in store for her!) Oh by the way – love your card! 😉

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