Buffy’s Thank You

Butterflies Thinlits

As most of you know, I have a twin sister, Buffy, who lives in Virginia.  We are not really twins, at least not in this lifetime but I wouldn’t be surprised if we were in the past.  She thinks like me.  She has a weird sense of humor like me, snarks like I do and she is a great listener!  Sometimes it is a little scary.

A friend of mine who lives in Sackets Harbor now roasts her own coffee.  I don’t drink coffee but everyone I know who loves coffee loves Kelly’s Sackets Harbor Roasted Coffee.  Buffy is an avid coffee drinker.  As a matter of fact, there was this one incident…oh wait, what happened in Orlando, stays in Orlando.  In any case, I sent Buffy some Sackets Harbor Coffee.  She sent me this beautiful thank you card in return.  I think she did a whole bunch of splatters and ink blobs for the background and then cut the butterfly out using the Butterflies Thinlits.  Isn’t it gorgeous??  I probably should sent a thank you card for the thank you card (my mother in law actually did that once!).

This is Madelyn’s parents and sister.  The hairy one is the sister in case anyone is confused.  They are a beautiful family.


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