One Big Thanks

One Big Meaning, Banner Banter

I’ve been trying to change some of the things I do when it comes to stamping.  One of those things is to use the same color combinations over and over.  This card is certainly different for me!  I used Blushing Bride, Watermelon Wonder and Island Indigo.  You wouldn’t think they would go together that well, but I think they do!  It makes me wonder if most colors do go with most other colors.  Years ago, they used to say you can’t wear black and tan together (this was according to one of my sons who was horrified when I came out wearing this combination.  He made me change!).  Now I see that combination all over the place.  Red and orange clash but it looks cute if you throw in some turquoise for a kid card.  So does this mean that anything goes?  I’ll have to experiment and get back to you on that.  If you know of any, let me know in the comments.

Madelyn turned three months last week.  Isn’t she just beautiful?


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One thought on “One Big Thanks

  1. I love the card, and I’m so proud of you for using Blushing Bride! And, yes, Madelyn is beautiful. I love those big, bright eyes! You can tell already that she’s brilliant.


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