Fruity Notes

Fresh Fruit

I made these very simple note cards for my mom.  If you read my blog at all you will know a lot about her.  She is 91, still very healthy and lives alone in her house.  I send her (and my sisters) a lot of cards for her to use.  Sometimes she thinks they are too pretty to use and she saves them!  That is a very nice thought but I send them to her so she won’t have to go out and buy any.  She did sign up for a card class that meets once a month and she likes to show me the cards she makes. Let’s just say they are very interesting!

I used the stamp set called Fresh Fruit to make the cards.  They are also embossed with lines, although they are hard to see in the pictures.  You can see the lines a little better in the pictures below. I tried not to make they too pretty so she would use them!  😎

Fresh Fruit DSC03391 DSC03389 DSC03390


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5 thoughts on “Fruity Notes

  1. These note cards are gorgeous Susan – I’m not sure if your Mom will use them, or frame them 🙂 I like how you used the Simply Scored to add the detail to the card, without adding another layer – very clever!

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  2. Hah, Susan, my mom used to do the same. I see from the comments that everyone agrees with me. You failed! I think these are beautiful. I love the simplicity, yet beauty of them. I just got that set and may have to try some very pretty ones like you made.


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