A Texture Stamp Off Challenge

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Good morning!  It is once again Friday where Buffy, Jackie and I do our Stamp Off Challenges. This time Jackie gave us a tough challenge (for me).  It is all about textures.

SO To many Textures

I had to ask what this meant.  I was told textures mean ripping cardstock, crazy ribbons, or stuff. Hmmm.  Susan doesn’t really do textures.  I had to think about this for a while.  I made many cards.  I threw out many cards.  So, I decided to do what I do best.  Plus I needed to find a way to surprise Buffy and Jackie.  They have been bugging me to buy Birthday Fiesta and the matching Framelits called Fiesta Time.  They have been sending me pictures of a lot of cute cards making this set.  I resisted them for a while but eventually, as you can see, I caved.

Birthday Fiesta, Fiesta Time

I know when you look at this card you are asking yourself “where are the textures?  There are no textures” but you are wrong.  Cactus have prickly texture and llamas are furry.  Prickles and hair are textures.  Flowers have textures.  All right.  I know it is a stretch but it is what I came up with.  Sorry Buffy and Jackie (but at least I bought the stamp set after all this time!  That should make you happy!).

Now let’s go see what the fabulous ladies (Buffy and Jackie) who made cards with real textures created.

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6 thoughts on “A Texture Stamp Off Challenge

  1. Susan, this is brilliant! My first thought was, “Wait, I thought this was Susan’s blog. Yes! Susan bought the llama!” and then I thought, “How clever,” because of the prickly cacti and furry llama. Perfect textures. I love it when you add those little twists. (And great card, too!)


  2. This card is cute. It made me think of flocking powder– does Stampin’ Up still sell it? You could have put flocking on the llama/alpaca (?) and voila, texture!

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