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Last week I went on a business trip with Rob.  We went to Denver, Colorado.  I have never been to Denver so it was fun to tag along.  Denver is a great city to visit.  Rob and I travel a lot of sometimes I have a hard time finding things to do when he is in his meetings.  Some of the cities we have visited have nothing to do at all in the city.  You have to go outside to find things. I did not have that trouble in Denver.

First of all, I always thought Denver would kind of be like Salt lake City where the city is surrounded by mountains.  That isn’t the case with Denver.  It is to the east of the Rockies so the west has beautiful views but the east is totally flat.  I mean flat.  Flatter then where I live!  I was surprised at that.

We did spend a day to go into the mountains.  The views were gorgeous.  We went up to the Arapahoe National Park.  The top is 11,600 feet above sea level and is above the tree line.  I never knew why there was even a tree line and why trees didn’t grow at the top of mountains.  It is because it is too cold.  That makes total sense now that I know.

Here are a couple of pictures from the top of the mountain.



If you have never been to Denver, you should try to go.  I loved it!

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